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National Caregiver Training Programme

These workshops are free and open to whānau/foster/kin caregivers, grandparents raising grandchildren and permanent/home for life caregivers, almost anyone who is raising children not born to them. Limited places may also be available for Caregiver Social Workers and NGO representatives that support these caregivers.

Any questions, or for any assistance please contact the Training Coordinator: caregivertraining@caringfamilies.org.nz or 0800 693 323.

Course Description

Identity and Belonging

This workshop will explain the importance of te tamaiti (the child’s) or rangatahi (young person’s) identity and belonging and how that can help you care for them. You will be introduced to the different types of personal connections and explain how they are fundamental to the wellbeing of te tamaiti (the child) or rangatahi (young person). Te Toka Tumoana principles of wellbeing will be introduced as a framework for understanding Identity and Belonging.

There is an optional e-module available to support this workshop.

Creating Connections to Thrive

In this workshop we look at the importance of creating a thriving environment for tamariki and creating connections to enable them to heal and thrive.

We then look at the realities and importance of tamariki forming connections with others and their environment. The experiences both tamariki and caregivers have had, affects the way they make connections.  Te Toka Tumoana principles for wellbeing are weaved into how to create a thriving environment.

Understanding the National Care Standards

This workshop provides an outline of the key changes that caregivers will experience as a result of the National Care Standards. These regulations set out the standard of care that every child and young person needs in order to do well, be well, and it also sets out the support that caregivers can expect to receive. The journey of care, overview of the Act, custody and guardianship, and Caregiver entitlements are just some aspects that will be introduced.

Legal Information for Caregivers

We explain the legal processes, obligations and expectations that are used in New Zealand to support and protect both children in care and caregivers.  This workshop has been updated to share new legislation, information and activities.

Kia Puawai – Supporting Tamariki to Flourish

In this workshop we will introduce you to the development of tamariki and how trauma impacts this. It will look at how experiences impact and shape the child’s development and how as caregivers we may feel the effects of this in the care environment/home we are providing.  We will introduce a ‘Check-In’ for Caregivers and look at how build a support network for when help might be needed so that the environment, they are providing, can support the tamariki to flourish.

Keeping Memories – Online or Face to Face:

The online Keeping Memories course is in two parts – part one is an e-module completed online in your own time. Part two is a one and a half hour practical virtual session. From the comfort of your home you can be introduced to why keeping memories/creating life story books is essential for our tamariki in care. Understanding the importance of adding story to memories and how to capture this develops the intrinsic value of tamariki and rangatahi.

The face to face Keeping Memories course is a two hour workshop that will introduced you to why keeping memories/creating life story books is essential for our tamariki in care and provide you with some practical examples.

This course has been developed by Caring Families Aotearoa and delivered as part of the National Caregiver Training Programme

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

In this two hour workshop you will learn what Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) actually is, moving from intentional behaviour to symptoms of FASD, as well as providing strategies to help you.

This course has been developed by Caring Families Aotearoa and delivered as part of the National Caregiver Training Programme.

“A useful informative and well presented workshop”
“Training was done very well, very relaxed, well presented and everyone participated”
“I have found your training classes extremely useful and often refer to the booklets when I get children in with issues”

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