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The training and support offered by Caring Families Aotearoa is for caregivers parenting tamariki and rangatahi who have relationship difficulties, especially children who have experienced insecure attachments, trauma, loss and or separation, or family violence.

LIFT (Levels of Integrated Family Therapy), our care model, pays special attention to the parenting attitude of PACE (Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity and Empathy).  It provides an understanding without judging the internal experience of the tamaiti. It also explores how to maintain connection while also providing structure, supervision and discipline in order to support behaviour. 

No matter where you are on your care journey, just starting or been doing it for years, we have a training designed for your needs.

Our workshops are FREE if you receive your allowance from Oranga Tamariki or Work and Income, or if you don’t receive any funding. This includes whānau / kin caregivers, grandparents raising grandchildren, and permanent caregivers. If you receive your allowance from another agency, please contact us so we can talk to your agency.

Entry Level Courses

These courses are for those just starting on their caregiving journey.

Intermediate Level Courses

There is something for everyone, a good way to start your therapeutic parenting journey.

Advanced Course

In depth therapeutic parenting which focuses on tamariki and the caregiver.

Specialist Courses

This course is for those who have completed all our other training.

He Kete Akoranga – Caregiver Training

Entry Level Courses

Ako Ngatahi

An online interactive series to learn together from the comfort of your own home. Your host will interview our guest expert and then will give you the opportunity to ask your own questions. Each session will run for approximately 45-60 minutes and different topics will be available regularly.

1 hr

Intermediate Courses

The Importance of Play

We discuss how early learning is the core of social relationships, creativity, and innovation. The workshop looks at different play experiences and how these contribute to a child’s development and potential.  It also investigates how play supports connection, relationships and is fundamental in building a secure base.

6 hrs  

What’s Behind the Behaviour – Healing Centred Engagement

Learn the importance of emotional connection with children. This Dyadic Developmental Practice informed workshop has an emphasis on ‘connection with correction’ to provide a secure base for the child.

3 ½ hrs

Making Changes – Stability in Hard Times

This workshop focuses mainly on the caregiver. Group members are encouraged to reflect upon themselves, in a way that relates back to their own parenting of their children. We cover the importance of self -care to maintain resilience as caregivers.

3 ½  hrs

Helping Children Feel Safe – Providing Structure and Supervision

This workshop focuses on the provision of optimal levels of structure and supervision for children, tailored to the emotional functioning of the child to help children to feel safe and secure. This workshop is based on Kim Goldings, Nurturing Attachment programme.

3 ½ hrs

Difficult Behaviours – Managing Confrontation and Intimidating Interactions

In this session, confrontational interactions are examined. The importance of stepping aside from such confrontations is considered, and group members explore different ways of managing to avoid confrontation. This is based on Kim Goldings, Nurturing Attachments programme.

3 ½  hrs

Family Dynamics – ‘Torn Loyalties’ Conflicts for Children in Care

This workshop explores the thoughts and feelings of children when placed into a care family and the conflicts that they experience. It examines the connection that children have with their biological family and how to navigate this and the challenges this may cause to the caregiver family atmosphere.

3 ½ hrs

Advanced Courses

Lift Level 1: Foundations for Attachment

Using the DDP informed Foundations for Attachment training modules by Kim Golding, this course is one day a week for four weeks, plus on-going focus support groups to integrate and support caregivers

Specialist Courses

Lift Level 2: Nurturing Attachments

Using the DDP informed Nurturing Attachments training modules by Kim Golding, this course is one day a week for nine weeks, plus on-going focus support groups to integrate and support caregivers with the learning.

Bespoke training – for Complex Placements

This training is tailored specifically to meet the needs of a team working with a complex placement. It is healing centered, so that tamariki have the best opportunity to thrive and heal.