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Tēnā koutou katoa / Greetings to all,

August is traditionally a month of wet and wild weather and many believe that weather affects the behaviour of our children. Couple that with still so much uncertainty in the world, things can start to feel a little overwhelming. Sometimes all we need to do is take a breath, remove all the outside noise, and just focus on what we can do for ourselves to bring back our smile.

What brings back your smile? Precious time with loved ones, or time alone with a good cup of tea? Maybe it’s a shopping date with a very close friend or singing to your favourite song in the car? A massage, soak in the bath, or a long nap on the couch? Whatever brings back your smile… do it. It could be the start of something good.

Nyvonne Krause
Auckland South RC

09 281 5609 or 027 501 0395

“Ko ia kahore nei i rapu, te kitea” (“He who does not seek, will not find”)

Nā Nyvonne / From Me!


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