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Meet Our Team


Coordinators Team

Caring Families New Zealand has a dedicated team of people supporting caregivers throughout the country
to provide safe and nurturing homes for children. Our team includes many committed volunteers such as
Association Key Contacts, Critical Support Workers and other individuals.

We also have a dedicated team of Regional Coordinators covering the country in ten regions.
Our RCs provide support and training to members. Our National Office is the central point for all our services,
ensuring the smooth running of our organisation, with a team of professional staff and volunteers
united in their commitment to support fostering families.

Leadership Team

Linda Surtees

Linda Surtees

Chief Executive Officer

Ph: 04 566 0294 to contact
Jennifer Hanson, EA to CEO

Email: jenniferh@caringfamilies.org.nz

Linda has been with Caring Families Aotearoa since 2010 and has a wealth of experience in the foster care sector. Linda is a strong advocate for fostering families to receive robust, collaborative support and training to provide quality care for our most vulnerable children.

Jennifer Kinsella

Jennifer Kinsella

Marketing and Communications Manager

Ph: 04 974 8204
Mob : 027 501 0330

Email: JenniferK@caringfamilies.org.nz

Andeana Pilalis

Andeana Pilalis

Critical Support Manager

Ph: 04 566 0299 
Free: 0800 693 278

Email: CriticalSupport@caringfamilies.org.nz

Andeana has been with Caring Families Aotearoa since 2009 and has extensive foster care experience. She strives to ensure caregivers receive the support they need during difficult times and that caregivers are empowered with the knowledge they need to support the children in their care.

Stephanie James-Sadler

Stephanie James-Sadler

National Manager Training and Support

Ph: 04 282 0490
Mob: 027 501 0398

Email: StephanieJ-S@caringfamilies.org.nz

Stephanie manages the Regional Coordinators across New Zealand, having an overview of supporting members and the support groups aligned with Caring Families Aoteaora. Stephanie has foster care experience and has a knowledge of working across the sector, education and health.

Suzanne Silva

Suzanne Silva

Fundraising Manager

Ph: 04 2820 488
Mob : 027 501 0396

Email: fundraiser@caringfamilies.org.nz

Suzanne offers a wealth of fundraising experience from working in the charitable, academic, arts, and museum sectors in the UK and NZ for the last thirteen years. Suzanne is passionate about supporting caregivers and making a positive impact on the lives of kids in care.

Sally Moffatt

Sally Moffatt

Programme Manager

Ph: 04 595 1286
Mob : 027 777 2216

Email: sallym@caringfamilies.org.nz

Sally Moffatt is the Programme Manager for Caring Families Aotearoa. She holds a Diploma of Teaching and a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood). Sally is a skilled facilitator, delivering the Foundations for Attachment programme to caregivers across Aotearoa. Sally has an in-depth knowledge of developmental trauma, attachment, therapeutic parenting and the impact of developmental trauma on the developing brain. She has a passion to change the way we parent children and young people who have experienced maltreatment so that their trajectory in life changes for the better.

Rob Surtees

Rob Surtees


Ph: 04 595 1285
Mob: 027 777 2219

Email: RobS@caringfamilies.org.nz

Rob’s professional interests lay with Family Therapy and parenting children with attachment disorders. He has a degree in counselling, has completed study in Psychotherapy, and has experience in foster caring. Travelling the country, Rob has delivered training in Kim Goldings “Foundations of Attachment” and provided more in-depth levels of understanding for foster carers. He believes anyone who cares for, or makes decisions for children in foster care needs to have an understanding of the trauma these children have experienced.

Regional Coordinators Team

Leanne Brownie

Upper North

Cape Reinga down to bottom of North Head.

Ph: 09 283 9483
Mob: 027 566 0294

About Leanne

Ko Ngati Pukenga, ko Ngapuhi nui tonu, ko Kotīmana (Scots) ahau

No Whangārei ki Te Tai Tokerau

My husband Dennis and I are respite caregivers currently for whānau.

I’ve lived and worked in Whangārei most my life.

We have five Tamariki and nine Mokopuna who we don’t see often enough!


Auckland North

Wellsford down to Mt Wellington.

Ph: 0800 693 323

About Auckland

We’re currently looking for an Auckland Regional Coordinator! For now, if you have any questions or need any support, please contact our National Training and Support Manager, Stephanie.

Nyvonne Krause

Auckland South

Manukau down to North Waikato.

Ph: 09 281 5609
Mob: 027 501 0395

About Nyvonne

Ko Tainui, raua ko Ngati Maniapoto, raua ko Te Aupouri oku iwi.

My super power is my children.

My kryptonite are my grandchildren.

My best attribute is my husband.

Central North

Central North

Bay Of Plenty down to Turangi.

Ph: 0800 693 323

About Central North

Kia ora koutou. We are currently hiring for this position.

Teena Bennett

North West

Taumaranui to Whanganui.

Ph: 06 281 1642
Mob: 027 285 6015

About Teena

My role at Caring Families Aotearoa brings together my experience over the last 18 years as a social worker walking alongside biological parents, their tamariki and rangitahi, foster parents and tamariki and rangitahi in care. Along with my personal life experience this mahi (work) has shaped my understanding, empathy and practice for the whānau/families I now support.

Sarah McDonald

East Coast

Gisborne down to Hawkes Bay.

Ph: 0800 693 323
Mob: 027 204 6908

About Sarah

Sarah has a background in Group Facilitation and Therapy, working with children, adolescents, adults and whānau in areas of grief, trauma, relationships, parenting and conflict resolution. She has also worked in the areas of violence, alcohol/drug abuse, and more extensively in the areas of inappropriate sexualised behaviour and sexual abuse.

Bernadette Jones

Lower North

Manawatu down to Wellington.

Ph: 04 282 0437
Mob: 027 501 0394

About Bernadette

I have worked for different NGO’s over the last 30 years. My early years were spent in ECE and disability and I spent eight years as a Whānau Worker for Family Start. I also provided regular respite care for children with disabilities for around 10 years.

Denise Green

Upper South

Nelson, Marlborough, West Coast.

Ph: 03 929 6578
Mob: 027 369 3333

About Denise

I have been with Caring Families Aotearoa since 2015 as Regional Coordinator in the Upper South region. I have 25 years experience as a caregiver and have completed Level 1 training in DDP. I remain committed to supporting caregivers in the Nelson/Tasman, Marlborough and West Coast areas.



Kaikoura down to Waimate.

Ph: 0800 693 323

About Canterbury

We’re currently looking for a Canterbury Regional Coordinator! For now if you have any questions or need any support, please contact our National Training and Support Manager, Stephanie.

Raylene Hubac
Lower South / Otago

Otemata down to Southland.

Ph: 03 470 1277
Mob: 027 501 0005

About Raylene

For the past 20 years, Raylene has worked for a Social Service Non-Government Organisation (NGO) supporting children, parents, caregivers and grandparents in group settings. Encouraging and identifying their strengths and weaving them together to help achieve positive relationships for the child within their whānau, support systems and community.

Raylene has 30 years’ experience as a caregiver providing permanency, short term and respite care.

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