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Give in Memory or Celebration

You can donate in memory of a loved one or friend who has passed – or you may choose to encourage your friends and family to give a gift to Caring Families Aotearoa to celebrate a special occasion or anniversary.














Make a donation in memory of a loved one

For many Kiwis, expressing their sympathy by donating in memory of someone who has passed away is a thoughtful and loving tribute.

If this person was raised in care themselves or has been a special foster parent for generations of Kiwis, then it may be appropriate to consider Caring Families as a grateful recipient of these donations – so that our unique work of supporting caregivers and whanau whangai can continue.

If you and your family wish to ask mourners to give in memory of a special person, they can be directed to our website below, to make a secure, online credit or debit card donation.

Your funeral director may also be able to advise of ways you can invite mourners to give in lieu of flowers at the funeral. All donations will be acknowledged with an immediate thanks to the giver and, if you wish, we can also let the family know who has honoured the deceased in the weeks following the funeral.

Make a donation in lieu of gifts

Planning to celebrate a special day? But would prefer the presence of your dear friends and family, rather than presents?

Giving your guests the option to donate the cost of a gift to Caring Families Aotearoa means everyone can celebrate your big day or special anniversary feeling the warm glow of giving to support Kiwi families who care.

Simply ask guests to donate on the night (a big postie box or stack of colourful envelopes can help make this super easy) or pop our website address onto your invitations. Our website address is www.caringfamilies.org.nz

Your guests can then choose to make an online donation, or simply bring their gift along on the day.

If you have collected donations on our behalf and want to deposit the amount collected, simply give us a call on 0800 69 33 23 and we can give you a special deposit code.

Our account details are:

Account Name: New Zealand Family and Fostercare Federation Inc.

Bank account number: 01 0142 0059999 00

Our bank/branch: ANZ, St Luke’s, Auckland