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One on One Support

We can help you – Our Regional Coordinators, throughout Aotearoa, are here to support you and your whānau through your challenges. Whether you’re experiencing a behavioural issue with your tamariki, or you just need someone to listen to you or advocate for you.

The support we offer you is specific to those caring for tamariki and rangatahi, who have experienced Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES’s).  The support you receive will be based around a framework that is healing centred and trauma informed.

Every care journey is different and for complex cases, we have Advisors who work with the Regional Coordinators. Our Advisors work in the fields of;

  • Behavioural Management
  • Policy and Legal
  • Education

You never need to feel alone.  Call your Regional Coordinator or National Office 0800693323 for a chat.


“I’m very grateful they are there. I wouldn’t want caregivers to be without them.”

“Thanks, Caring Families Aotearoa for looking after us! You guys have got us through some dark times. Truly grateful”

“I am very thankful for the support from Caring Families Aotearoa. It has literally been life changing.”

Allegations Support

Caregiving brings many challenges. As a caregiver you are responsible for some of the most vulnerable children in society; you provide a vital service. It is therefore distressing when an allegation is made about the way you care for a child or young person.

Support Groups

Caring Families Aotearoa has Support Groups throughout New Zealand that provide peer support to caregivers. There may be several support groups in your area and these could be thematic such as Home for Life, Whānau/Kin, neighbourhood, FASD group etc.

Facebook Groups

Caring Families Aotearoa have private Facebook groups that are for caregivers that are members of Caring Families Aotearoa only. Facebook groups are a good place to connect and to share ideas. There is no pressure to join, it is just another way of connecting with other caregivers.