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Support our Partnerships

With so many wonderfully generous Kiwis offering to support caregiving families throughout the country – why not give your support to those businesses and organisations who have promised to support our work with discounts, special offers and donations? When you support our partnerships, you support us!

Here are just a few of the top folks that we could recommend:

Entertainment Membership

After nearly 30 years of helping Kiwi charities raise millions towards their causes, the well-loved charity fundraiser, ‘Entertainment Books’ have moved to an exciting new digital membership model. 

The Entertainment Membership continues to offer generous discounts on dining, shopping, family activities and adventures, travel and more.  

Memberships are now digital and can be loaded straight onto your mobile phone – so you no longer need to worry about tearing coupons from a book while you’re out and about with your family! 

You can opt for 3-, 12- or 24-month membership terms – and you can also choose single city offers or offers across multiple cities within NZ or Australia. Fantastic for families on the go – or for gifting to rellies in other regions! 

So, if you are looking for some great discounts for activities throughout the school holidays and the year, sign up now and help fundraise for us while you reap the rewards of special offers and discounts.  

Best of all 20% of your purchase will go directly towards the vital work of Caring Families Aotearoa!  








Sims metals

Instead of taking your old whiteware, car batteries, roofing iron and other scrap metals to the dump, why not visit Sims Metals. Sims have kindly set up an account for Caring Families Aotearoa so that anyone who takes in their unwanted scrap can donate the proceeds to continue our support of Kiwi caregiving families.

With eight locations around the country, getting rid of your unwanted goods has never been so impactful. You can even get rid of your old kitchen sink!

Be sure to quote our account number: CAR009


Signing up with Supergenerous is an easy way to make your generosity go further. You can amplify your impact at no extra upfront cost.

If you have donated to us in the past 4 years you may be eligible for a donation rebate of 33.33%.

The Supergenerous online platform makes it super easy to claim your donation rebates back. It takes a few minutes to sign up and they give you the option to regift your rebate back to us as a new donation.

Go to the Supergenerous website to sign up and find out more.

Every cent that our communities & supporters can raise for Caring Families Aotearoa is put straight to work supporting Kiwi families who have opened their hearts and homes to a child in need of care.