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Your Roles, Rights & Responsibilities

As a caregiver you have rights, and responsibilities. Whether you are caregiving through a Non Government Organisation (NGO), Oranga Tamariki (formerly CYF) or a whānau/kin placement you need to know what your rights and responsibilities as a caregiver are.

Oranga Tamariki Caregivers

It is important that you have a copy of the Caregiver Handbook.
Click here for an online copy of the Caregiver Handbook
If you are caring for a child through Oranga Tamariki you can access all their policies and guidelines through the Practice Centre.

Non Government Organisations (NGO) Caregivers

If you are caring for children through a NGO you will need to contact the organisation directly and request a copy of your rights and responsibilities. Their policies and procedures around caregiving should also be available to you. Contact your Regional Coordinator if you have any queries about accessing this information.

Whānau/Kin, Permanent and Home for Life Caregivers

Whānau and kin caregivers do have rights and responsibilities however these can differ depending on how the children have come into your care and what orders are held for them. It is important that you fully understand all your rights and responsibilities. Please contact your agency or your Regional Coordinator if you need advice.

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