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Being a caregiver (foster or whānau) can be challenging, and it is vital that you never feel alone during your caregiving journey. Strong support is important to ensure stable and secure homes for children in care. Caring Families Aotearoa offers our members a variety of support options.


Strong support is vital to ensure stable and secure homes for children in care. It is so important you never feel alone during your caregiving journey. Caring Families Aotearoa offers a variety of support, advocacy and information to meet your individual needs.


The training and support offered by Caring Families Aotearoa is for caregivers parenting tamariki and rangatahi who have relationship difficulties, especially children who have experienced insecure attachments, trauma, loss and or separation, or family violence.


Our regional co-ordinators and support groups facilitate events in communities across the country. Caring Families Aotearoa also stages a series of national events. Highlights include our National Conference, the Excellence in Foster Care Awards, L’Oreal for Youth (formerly Face Your Future) and Family Fun Days.

National Care Standards

The National Care Standards set out the standard of care every child and young person needs to do well and be well, and the support caregivers can expect to receive when they open their hearts and homes to tamariki and rangatahi.  

Become a Caregiver

Caregivers come from all sorts of backgrounds. Caregivers can be married, partnered or single. They can be working full-time or a stay-at-home parent. Some caregivers own their own home, while other caregivers are renting.

What all successful caregivers have in common is the ability to provide a safe, nurturing home, and the capacity to understand how trauma impacts on a child’s behaviour.

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