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Give from your Pay

A safe and loving family home is the cornerstone for a happy and productive life, but thousands of New Zealand children and young people experience abuse and neglect instead.

Your gift will help foster and whānau caregivers transform a child’s life and provide a safe and loving home for as long as it’s needed.


Donating to Caring Families Aotearoa through payroll giving helps us to raise the funds we need to provide our education and support services to caregivers.

Payroll giving enables you donate to Caring Families Aotearoa directly from your pay and receive instant tax benefits that reduce your payable PAYE.

It’s an easy way to give regularly to Caring Families Aotearoa, while also ensuring you immediately get the tax rebates you’re entitled to.


With payroll giving, your donation to Caring Families Aotearoa is taken out of your regular pay before it goes into your bank account. If your donation is more than $5, you receive a third of the donation amount as an immediate tax rebate. So, if you donate $15 to Caring Families Aotearoa through payroll giving, you’ll only have a $10 reduction in your take-home pay.

With other forms of donating, you usually have to wait until the end of the tax year to claim your tax rebate. Payroll giving ensures you get the tax advantages immediately.


Are you interested in giving regularly to Caring Families Aotearoa through your pay? Anything over $5 earns a tax rebate. Talk to your employer or payroll team today about setting this up or find out more on the IRD website.


To offer your staff the chance to donate through payroll giving, you need to sign up for the scheme with the IRD.









1. You can only offer payroll giving to your employees if you electronically file your IRD employer monthly schedule and deduction form.

2. As part of your registration with IRD you need to select Caring Families Aotearoa to be the recipient of your funds.

3. To do this you will require the following information about Caring Families Aotearoa.

  • Legal name: New Zealand Family and Fostercare Federation Inc.
  • Business name: Caring Families Aotearoa
  • Charities Commission number: CC25139
  • IRD donee number: 49-143-702
  • Our bank account number: 01 0142 0059999 00
  • Our bank/branch: ANZ, St Luke’s, Auckland

4. Now you are signed up for Payroll giving for Caring Families Aotearoa through IRD, any donations collected from employees will be sent directly through to Caring Families Aotearoa.

5. To get the most out of your Payroll giving, do get in touch and let us know that your team have chosen to support our work. We would love to keep in touch with regular updates to show your staff the difference they are making to those Kiwi families who are looking after tamariki and rangatahi not born to them.