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Support Groups

We have a wide range of caregiver Support Groups throughout Aotearoa for our members. We feel it is important to connect you with others who ‘have walked in your shoes’ and have shared your experiences, tears and laughter, frustration and joy.

Groups keep connected through regular get-togethers, fun events, and private social media groups. There may be several support groups in your area, these could be caregivers who live close together, share a similar interest or with similar experiences eg: Home for Life, Whānau/Kin, FASD.

If you can’t find a group that suits your needs, please feel free to set one up.  We can help you with this and provide a contribution towards the costs.

Join a Support Group

Set up your own support group

Already a Support Group

Regional Committee

Join A Support Group

Caring Families Aotearoa have local support groups that provide peer support in your region. Support groups are made up of other Caring Families Aotearoa members who meet regularly for a cup of tea and support.

When you become a member of Caring Families Aotearoa you can choose which local support group you would like to join. Please send us an email (enquiries@caringfamilies.org.nz) and let us know which group you would like to be connected to. Otherwise, you can call our free phone, 0800 693 323. You will be notified by email about events in your area, including training, morning/afternoon teas and family activities.

Below is a list of local Support Groups you may like to join.

Local Support Groups

Please find below a list of local Support Groups that are registered support groups of Caring Families Aotearoa:

Upper North

  • Whangarei Support Group
  • Whangarei FASD Support Group


  • West Auckland Foster Care Support Association
  • Royal Oak Coffee Group (formerly Balmoral Coffee Group)
  • Men’s Dinner Group
  • Virtual Support Group for Sole Caregivers
  • Brown’s Bay Support Group

Auckland South

  • Ngaruawahia Support Group
  • Franklin Foster Carers Association
  • Polynesian Caregivers Group
  • Morrinsville Support Group
  • Hamilton Support Group

Central North

  • Tauranga Support Group
  • Rotorua Support Group

East Coast

If you would like to set up a Support Group, please contact James Uri

North West

  • Wanganui Fostercare Association Inc
  • Our Tamariki and Carers (Whanganui)
  • Manawatu Foster Care Association
  • Taranaki Support Group

Lower North

  • Tararua Foster Carers
  • Wellington Family & Fostercare Association
  • Wairarapa Foster Caregiver Support Group

Upper South

  • Marlborough Foster Care Association (Blenheim/Picton)
  • Nelson & Tasman Association
  • FASD Nelson Support Group
  • Nelson Whānau Support Group
  • Westport Support Group
  • Greymouth Support Group


  • Otautahi Foster Care Association
  • Christchurch West Support Group
  • Christchurch North Caregivers Support Group
  • Permanency (Home for Life) Caregivers
  • North Canterbury Caregivers Catch Up
  • Christchurch South Kaitiaki (Caregivers)
  • Canterbury Men’s Group
  • Keeping Memories Support Group
  • Geraldine Support Group
  • Eastside Whānau and Foster Care Support Group

Lower South

  • Central Otago Support Group
  • Dunedin Support Group
  • Southland Coffee and Cake (previously Southland Foster Care Assoc Inc).
  • Queenstown Support Group
  • Gore Support Group
  • Oamaru Support Group

Set up your own Support Group

A support group is made up of like-minded people who want to get together regularly and support each other. If you would like to set up your own group, we would love to help you. Each registered support group will have access to our communication channels, receive a contribution towards the cost of refreshments, assistance with events and L’Oréal product for their members.

Already a Support Group

A huge thank you to the wonderful caregivers who are organising get togethers in their communities.

Caring Families Aotearoa will pay a contribution of $5 per Caring Families Aotearoa member who attends your meeting. You can claim the contribution for up to eight meetings a year.

Our Support Group management system lets registered Liaisons see the details of caregivers in the group, communicate with them, keep a record of the get togethers and claim a contribution. 

If you are unsure how to use the Support Group Link please call us on 0800 693 323 for help.

Regional Committee

In each region there is a Regional Committee/Panel made up of up-to six people from the region, the National Office team as required, and the Regional Coordinator. The Regional Committee can approve event proposals from the Support Groups and offer assistance where necessary. They may plan/organise events for all members in their region and promote events on Facebook.

We expect this role will take about two hours a month and include a Skype, or similar, meeting with other committee members. More time will be required if events are being organised in the region. If you would like to apply to be on your Regional Committee/Panel please complete this form and email it to enquiries@caringfamilies.org.nz.

In recognition and appreciation of the extra time and support of the caregivers in their region, Caring Families Aotearoa will contribute towards the Committee Members attending National Conference and Regional Hui.