Leaving A Gift In Your Will

A gift in your Will to Caring Families Aotearoa is a very special act of kindness. Referred to as a bequest, a gift in your Will ensures foster parents and whānau caregivers have the skills, knowledge and support to turn around the lives of children in foster care for generations to come.

Protecting children for generations to come

It is a common myth that only the rich leave a bequest to charity in their Will. In fact the majority of bequests are from ordinary people like you and me. Your gift, regardless of the size, will ultimately help this country’s most vulnerable children, those who are victims of abuse and neglect through no fault of their own.

Your bequest will live on in the lives of Kiwi children who will hopefully go on to raise their own children in a safe and loving home. You can help tackle the prevalence of child abuse and neglect in this country and keep children safe. Whoever you are, whatever your situation, you can help make New Zealand a better place.

Why should I
write a Will?

Writing a Will is the only way you can be certain your wishes will be followed after you’re gone. Many people assume their money, property and possessions (their estate) will automatically pass to their loved ones but this isn’t always the case. If you don’t have a Will, part or all of your estate may end up going to people you never intended to benefit.

What about my
family and friends?

Leaving a bequest to Caring Families Aotearoa is not about excluding your family and friends, and we believe your loved ones should come first.

Once you have provided for your loved ones, a gift to Caring Families Aotearoa will make a real and lasting difference.

Include a Charity

Thank you for your interest in making a bequest to Caring Families Aotearoa. We are extremely grateful to everyone who supports our future sustainability and makes a difference in the lives of vulnerable children through their Will.

Caring Families Aotearoa is pleased to be a member of Include a Charity, a not for profit organisation that aims to encourage more New Zealanders to leave a bequest to charity

Please have a look at the Include a Charity website for further information and help on leaving a bequest.

I want to include Caring Families Aotearoa in my Will, where do I start?

1. Ask us for more information.

Please contact our fundraiser, Suzanne Silva on 0800 693 323 or email suzannes@caringfamilies.org.nz for a confidential, no-obligation chat about how your bequest can make a difference. Suzanne has a background in helping people navigate through the bequest process so you will be in safe hands.

2. Arrange to see your solicitor, the Public Trust, or another adviser about making a Will

or changing your existing Will to include Caring Families Aotearoa. Your solicitor can also help you decide whether you want to leave a residual, pecuniary, or specified bequest:

  • Residual bequest – this is what is left over or a percentage of what is left over (the residue) of your estate after all expenses, debts and other specific bequests have been settled.
  • Pecuniary bequest – this is a specified sum of money in a Will.
  • Specified bequest – this is where a particular item is specified in a Will, for example, works of art, or stocks and shares, or even property.

Please let your solicitor or advisor know: Caring Families Aotearoa’s legal name is the New Zealand Family and Foster Care Federation Incorporated. Charity registration number CC25139.

3. Please let us know your intentions.

We understand the details of your Will are a private matter and you may wish to keep it that way. However, we would love to have the opportunity to thank you during your lifetime and acknowledge your support in a way that is acceptable to you. We also want to ensure we understand your intentions. If you wish your gift to remain anonymous, your request will be honoured.