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Give as a Business

As a team there are several ways that you can choose to support our team as we support those families who have opened their hearts and home to a hurting child.














donate as a company

Whether it’s a monthly donation, a one-off donation, or a donation in lieu of a leaving gift for an employee, your donation could support a range of services that we deliver to caregiving families.

We are always so grateful to receive donations from our business supporters – because we know you appreciate the rising costs of doing business these days and we thank you for being prepared to help us meet these.

Company credit card

You can donate securely online with a company credit card – make sure to pop a small message into the message form to let us know the reason for your donation.

Direct credit or bill payment

If you would prefer to bank your team’s donation directly into our bank account, that’s also fine by us! Simply give your company name as

Our account details are:

Account Name: New Zealand Family and Fostercare Federation Inc.

Bank account number: 01 0142 0059999 00

Our bank/branch: ANZ, St Luke’s, Auckland

You could also drop us a line HERE to let us know the reason for your donation and give us any details that you would like us to acknowledge on your receipt.

Yes! we can issue pledge invoices if your finance team need to have an invoice to make payment on. Please get in touch as above.







Can we be your next charity of the year?

Choose or nominate Caring Families Aotearoa as your Charity of the Year for your workplace or team. Brainstorm together ways that you can fundraise or donate to the work we do by doing what you do best – working together as a team!

There are so many ways for a workplace to “pop something in the tin” – from morning teas to the warehouse swear jar, fun runs to gala events – and we’re happy to help promote and join in where we can. With over 5000 members and caregiving families on our books, we can always help to spread the word about your committed support!

Donation Matching

Thinking of making a generous gift to Caring Families Aotearoa anyway? Why don’t we have a chat about turning this into a matched donation campaign? Your team or our supporters – either way – people love to think that their gift could be matched by a generous benefactor.

Whether you’d like to inspire your people to get involved in doing some good – or you’d like us to promote your awesomeness to the folks who follow us, matched giving can very quickly boost a good donation into a great one.

Give goods in kind / pro-bono services

Our community is full of people with incredible skills and talent, just like you! Would you consider lending us a hand at no charge?

This is as simple as doing something you are good at – in order to help us do what we are good at! It could be a one-off task, a particular scoped-out project or an ongoing service for an agreed period or number of hours.

We have a number of businesses who do pro bono work for us and in doing so, they help us out immensely by giving us expert advice and reducing our costs. It is just like giving a donation but is often easier to manage from a business perspective, we don’t need you to put your hand in your pocket, we simply value your time and expertise.

Let’s have a chat about how you might play a part in helping us to support caregivers throughout New Zealand with your team and talents!

Got some other winning ideas?

If you want to partner with Caring Families Aotearoa on a particular project or campaign, donate proceeds from a product, donate your usual client fee or any other smart fundraising initiatives, we’d love to hear from you!

We will work with you to create an inspiring and dynamic campaign to ensure your staff and customers know how good it feels to help out those awesome Kiwi families and whānau who are looking after the next generation.

Let’s talk this through and come up with a plan that spreads the feel-good factor as far as possible. Call us on 0800 693 323, or contact our Fundraising Manager, Jenni Anderson, below.