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Kia ora everyone,

I hope the last month has gone well for you.

We are working from home until the 9 June, so I am continuing to work my way through calling all our Lower North Members. There is around 800 of you, if you were wondering why I haven’t got to you yet 😊. It has been such a great opportunity to get to speak to you and I thank you for taking the time to chat with me. If I haven’t got to you yet and you want to catch up, you are very welcome to give me a text / call or send an email.

Bernadette Jones
Lower North RC
027 501 0394

Most people will have their children back at school now and may have returned to work themselves. I hope you are all settling in. I have spoken to some delighted parents over the last week. There is a lot of anxiety out in the community so please do reach out for support if you are finding it overwhelming.

We have had eight weeks now of unprecedented times with still a lot of uncertainty ahead, so it is very normal to be feeling a bit unsure still. This goes for our tamariki / children and rangatahi / young people as well.

But on the whole – I have to say I think New Zealand has really done itself proud!

Ngā mihi nui,


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