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Poem – In my Mummy’s Tummy

A caregiver, who wishes to be anonymous, shared this poem with us to share with other caregivers. Caregivers, every day, support tamariki and rangatahi (children and young people) in care who have experienced trauma at a young age, some before they were born, resulting in FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder).

I’m not responsible
For what happened to me
It was impossible
In my Mummy’s tummy
To control what she drank
During her pregnancy.

Damage has been done
To my brain and neurons
Which were trying to connect
to build my future intellect.

Don’t get me wrong
I am not stupid at all,
I’m even a smart cookie
But my emotions rise high
and even when I try
To get them under control
I may get a bit snappy.

Damage has been done
To my brain and neurons
Therefore I will react
Before I analyse the facts.

Believe me, my friend
This is not how I want to be
But I am not to blame
For what happened to me.

If you need support to help the children in your care, please reach out to us. We are here to help and our services are free. Contact your local Regional Coordinator, or call our National Office on 0800 693 323.