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One-on-One Support

Sometimes, having someone to help you navigate the ‘where, what and who’ of a situation provides relief and can make it clearer. Our Regional Coordinators across Aotearoa are here to do just that – awhi, support and advocate for you when you need it. That’s our role.

Our team offers one-on-one support to our Caregiver Members as you navigate your way through your individual journey. We can help by connecting you and guiding you through your situation, or we can simply provide a listening ear.

Our aim is to empower you in your decision-making and create a plan of action if needed. In our advocacy role we can provide a scaffold of communication. Whether physically or virtually, we can support you by being your bridge towards resolution.

We are available to connect with our Caregiver members in a range of ways – Facebook, email, video conferencing and of course, by phone.

Here’s some feedback: “Good news, I took the bull by the horns… I just want to Thank You so much for supporting me, giving me the confidence to push forward in the correct way. You have been my ROCK on this journey.  I appreciate all the time and effort you have put into helping me and Master *”.

More feedback:

“Would love to meet and have your input. That means so much to me”.

“I felt so supported during that process”

Remember, Caring Families Aotearoa is here for you! Ring 0800 693 323 for your local Regional Coordinator or one of the team.