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Is it time to have a big clear out?

As the days get longer, the mornings become crisp and the temperature begins to warm up, we know that spring is on its way. Freshly cut grass, daffodils and baby animals all around. What a glorious time of the year.

Instead of taking your old whiteware, car batteries, roofing iron and other scrap metals to the dump, why not visit Sims Pacific Metals. Sims have kindly set up an account for Caring Families Aotearoa so that anyone who takes in their unwanted scrap can donate the proceeds to continue our support of people like you.

With eight locations around the country, getting rid of your unwanted goods has never been so impactful. You can even get rid of your old kitchen sink!

Sims Pacific Metals

Click the button below to find a location near you. Be sure to quote our account number CAR009.