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Thank you Sprig and Fern Petone

One of the reasons we’re able to continue offering our support services to you, our wonderful caregivers, is because of everyday people in the community. People like the patrons and staff at the Sprig and Fern Tavern in Petone.

The Tavern runs a charity quiz night every Tuesday, and we’re very grateful to have been selected as the recipient charity for June. Thanks to the wonderful support of the Sprig and Fern, we’re happy to report we raised $1,390 from the quiz nights.

Sprig and Fern

In the beginning of June we were in alert level 3. During this time, the Sprig and Fern Petone hosted the quiz on YouTube!

Sprig and Fern Petone

Here’s Dave, the very talented Quiz Master in Action!

Do you know a business in your community who run charity fundraising events? Do you want to volunteer to raise funds on behalf of Caring Families Aotearoa? If you have a fundraising initiative you want to get off the ground, please get in touch with Michaela in our Fundraising team to explore your idea. Email MichaelaT@caringfamilies.org.nz or call 027 282 0766.