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We are Learning Together

In October we presented our first Ako Ngātahi-Learning Together online discussion series. The first part of the series was on ‘Shield Against Shame’ which explored the behaviours traumatised tamariki develop to keep themselves safe.

Both an afternoon and evening option were available to meet the needs of our busy caregivers.

See below the positive feedback we received from the discussions:

 “It is an amazing training people! totally worth the time commitment”

“So many lightbulb moments tonight – thank you so much team”

“Thanks ever so much for this, I personally got a couple of nuggets out of it, so well done”

This month we will be discussing PACE…The Door to Therapeutic Parenting.  PACE stands for Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity, Empathy. Rob Surtees (Therapist) and Sally Moffatt (Programme Manager) will talk about what PACE means, and how you can implement this into your parenting.

This series will be at the end of November on Tuesday 24 at 11 am and Thursday 26 at 7.30 pm, to register for this very informative and useful series, fill in your details on the form below and we will send you a link to the meeting closer to the time.

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