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Our Courses

Our courses have been specifically designed to meet the needs of caregivers, and are all based on the framework of Dyadic Developmental Practice (DDP). Having delivered our training to thousands of caregivers over the years, we are dedicated to upskilling caregivers throughout the country so they can provide healing homes for tamariki and rangatahi in care.

If you want to become the best therapeutic parent you can be, look no further; we have a course for you, no matter what stage you are at in your care journey!








Ako Ngātahi (Learning Together)

An online interactive series to learn together from the comfort of your own home. Each session will run for approximately 45-60 minutes and different topics will be available regularly.


HeArt of Healing Care: The Beginning of Therapeutic Parenting

This course is an introduction to the world of therapeutic parenting. It focuses on what caregivers wished they had known at the start of their caregiving journey, and is based on feedback we received from them.


Keeping Memories: Life Stories

Life Story Books answer the child’s ‘what, when and why’ questions about their care experiences. This course reinforces the concept of Life Story Books, why they are important and the caregiver’s role in creating them.








Helping Children Feel Safe: Providing Structure and Supervision

This workshop focuses on the provision of optimal levels of structure and supervision for children, tailored to the emotional functioning of the child to help children to feel safe and secure.


What’s Behind the Behaviour: Healing Centred Engagement

Learn the importance of emotional connection with children. This course has an emphasis on ‘connection with correction’ to provide a secure base for the child.


Difficult Behaviours: Managing Confrontation and Intimidating Interactions

In this course, confrontational interactions are examined. The importance of stepping aside from such confrontations is considered, and group members explore different ways of managing to avoid confrontation. 


Family Dynamics: ‘Torn Loyalties’ Conflicts for Children in Care

This workshop explores the thoughts and feelings of children when placed into a care family and the conflicts that they experience. It examines the connection that children have with their biological family and how to navigate this and the challenges this may cause to the caregiver family atmosphere.


Making Changes: Stability in Hard Times

This workshop focuses mainly on the caregiver. Group members are encouraged to reflect upon themselves, in a way that relates back to their own parenting of their children. We cover the importance of self-care to maintain resilience as caregivers.


Foundations For Attachment

Changing our parental behaviours and “go-to” responses takes time and practice, which is why this programme is delivered over a longer period. This gives caregivers opportunities to develop new ways of responding to challenges and learn how to parent differently. The monthly follow up sessions are an integral part of this learning along with the support group that you form as you work through the programme.







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Learning Resources

We’re working on putting together a library of supplementary training resources to help you on your therapeutic parenting journey. 

These can be used to help refresh your learning, shared with other caregivers in your network, or printed out to post around your whare (house) as an everyday reminder.